Marbled jeans. Something that makes a denim different from other trousers are the ability to wash it.

Bleaching and tie dying are making the wash surprising, you never know exactly what you will get in return. It makes this chapter playful and rebellious. Also reversing fabrics in combination with bleached down pants are easy to do as it looks like one shade, but you maintain the differentiation. When you look closely to the details you’ll find some hidden treasures, red&blue pocketopening top stitches, water-based prints and removed coin pockets re-stitched in a traditional Japanese way. Adopting the classic details in a new jacket is what drives these denims.

Sample 1: The removed coin pocket couldn’t be restitched in a straight line as it was difficult to apply this technic on a stretch fabric.

Sample 2 : Using thicker threads and bigger SPI to apply on a stretch denim.