His time in San Francisco at Levi’s was an exceptional experience. He was free to personalize a concept and his goal was to experience every step that Levi’s had to offer. Leading elements for his concept are the 1001 Arabian nights and artisan, being built out of mathematics, and drawing in a dreamy mood. Maintaining Levi’s silhouettes and western details. Crossing two cultures with each other. First, he drew graphics in the minimalistic artisan style on the left leg and on the right he selected a photograph of a model that embodied this concept. With the team in Eureka, they digitally printed both artworks on the wool denim 5 pocket. And after he sprayed the shirt with red paint, and lasered the artwork on the shoulder-pads of the western shirt. The final process was to wash it down. The standing collar and the colorway of the desert on these items were the leading details.

Sample 1:  After we laser the shirt it broke because the laser was too heavy on this fabric.

Sample 2: Got repaired with safety stitches, this created an unexpected vintage look.