During the time in San Francisco at Levi’s I was able to design and develop a statement, I was free to personalize the idea and the goal was to experience every resource that they have in house. Leading elements are the 1001 Arabian nights and historical artisan, being built out of mathematics and drawing in a dreamy mood. Maintaining the Levi’s silhouettes and western details. Crossing two cultures with each other. First I created an artwork with minimalistic artisan and one was a photograph of a high end model that exposed this dreamy mood by closed eyes together with an artisan shadow that’s covering her face which signifies this concept, we digital printed both artworks on the bottom. After spraying the shirt with a red paint color te keep the Levi’s identity alive, we laser the artwork on the shoulder-pads. The standing collar of the shirt comes from ethnical clothing, the color of the desert you’ll feel in the shirting.

Sample 1:  After we laser the shirt it broke, because the laser was too strong for the fabrication.

Sample 2: Repaired with safety stitches, this created a vintage garment ID.